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Abbey Community Assocation (ACAL) manages the Abbey Centre as the vibrant community hub for south Westminster's diverse population of over 50,000 people. We celebrate & welcome the diverse cultures of south Westminster; from life-long residents to more recent arrivals from around the world. We bring local people & service providers together ensuring people living and working in the  area are better connected. We also support local groups and networks to flourish by providing access to affordable community space and capacity building advice. We facilitate the South Westminster Action Network that brings community members and service providers together.

Community Space for Hire

We have a range of rooms and hot desking available for local community organisations and are keen to support  local community organisations and groups develop services at the Centre for local people. We offer heavily subsidised rates for room hire to enable groups to meet local needs.  Why not give us a ring on 0207 222 0303 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your ideas.

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South Westminster Action Network

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ACAL has managed and developed the South Westminster Action Network since 2010.  It is supported by funding from Westminster Council's Public Health Dept. The Partnership has themed networks; currently 1. Health & Wellbeing 2. Neighbourhood, Local Employability and Housing,  which meet to discuss and share good practice and developments relevant to the south Westminster area.  the networks promote improved health and wellbeing outcomes in south Westminster by addressing  the determinants of health in the area.  Community members and service providers are brought together to encourage joint working, better communication, improved services and increased quality of life/health outcomes for communities in south Westminster in meetings held on a quarterly basis.  There is also a regular information share via the SWAN E-Bulletin. For more information regarding SWAN and up coming meetings please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 020 7222 0303


South Westminster Neighbourhood/Economic Network Meetings

Chair: Jane Buttigieg


South Westminster Health & Wellbeing Network Meetings 

Chair: Sue Scott (Partnership Manager, Westminster Mind)

Meeting dates 2016/17

      • Wednesdays from 2-4pm at the following dates:-
    • 8th June 2016
      7th September 2016
      30th November 2016
      8th March 2017 

Meeting dates 2016/17

    • Wednesdays from 2-4pm at the following dates:-
      • 1st June 2016
      • 21st September 2016
      • 7th December 2016
      • 1st March 2017
      • Previous Meetings 2015/16
                • 17th February 2016, Challenges of building cohesive & sustainable neighbourhoods in our social housing estates in south Westminster meeting agenda
                • 9th December 2015 (Innovative Routes to Employment & Training - South Westminster Experience) meeting agenda
              • 16th September 2015 (Maximising Resources & Funding) meeting agenda
            • 1st July 2015  (The Importance Of Play and Leisure)
          • 20th May 2015    (Resilience & Emergency Planning) Meeting Agenda
      • 18th February 2015  (Neighbouthood Planning)  Many thanks to the speackers (Leah Whittingham, Tom Kimber, Chris Tsikolis, and Wilfried RimensbergerMeeting Agenda

Previous Meetings

    • 9th March 2016 Children & Young People’s Health and Wellbeing meeting agenda
  • 2nd December 2015Managing Chronic conditions to Optimize Quality meeting agenda 
      • 16th September 2015 (Maximising Resources & Funding) meeting agenda
    • 10th June 2015, Community Champions in Westminster 
      • 11th February 2015 Health Fair  & 9th March 2015 South Westminster Health Fair (opportunity for all agencies to participate and engage with the local community). 
    • 5th November 2014 theme (Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the Community)
  • 1st October 2014 theme (Volunteering & Timebanking)  Many thanks to the speackers (Nigel barber, Peter Jones, Ian Corpuz, Emma Cross, and Jasmin Ali ) Meeting Agenda, Attendees Inforation share: Click here | Presentation can be found through the following links:- Recycling champions schemeThe Abbey Centre Volunteering & Time BankingWestminster community Project
  • 28th July 2014  theme (Community safety, cohesion and crime)
  • Many thanks to the speakers (Serena Simon - Community Protection Officer, Warwick and Churchill wards, Karl Rogers - Business Policing Manager, VictoriaBID , Chris Tsikolis - Policy & Resource Officer, VictoriaBID ) for their informative updates about local programmes and interventions. Click here to view Meeting agenda
  • March 24th 2014

    Many thanks to Land Securities for hosting the meeting at their marketing suite and to their staff ,Philip Barron and Jonathan Alabaster, Chris Tsikolis of Victoria bid and Elizabeth McClintock of Westminster City Council for their informative presentations. Meeting agenda.

  • 16th July 2014  theme (Substance Misuse and Treatment) 
  • Many thanks to the speakers (Des  Kirby,Team Leader- South Westminster Drug & Alcohol Service, Robert White, Commissioning Manager -Rough Sleeping Team)  for their informative presentations. Click to view Meeting agenda ,  Presentation on South  Westminster drug and alcohol Service,  Presentation on Rough Sleeping 

    May 7th 2014

    Many thanks to Westminster Mind for hosting the meeting at their office and to Sue Scot (Westminster Mind Development Manager for chairing the meeting. Thank you also to the speakers (Tahera Aanchawan, BME Forum; Gona Saed, KMEWO) for their informative presentations. Click to view Meeting Agenda, Presentations

    January 22nd 2014  Meeting Agenda





Proposed subjects on feedback forms March 24th 2014:

  • Benefit changes
  • Debt issues
  • Local library/cinema/swimming pool – accessibility by local residents
  • Affordable housing
  • Community programmes e.g. child care
  • Arts & Culture
  • Community engagement





Proposed subjects for future meetings provided on feedback forms:

Substance misuse/ accessing drugs and alcohol treatment
Mental health (care plan)
Hospital discharge
Linking volunteers from different organisations- translating medicine labels project 
Pregnancy support
Libraries of today as community hubs - how we can help the community?
Live news –up to date information relevant to local community organisations

NB/ If you would like to present a topic at one of the above meetings please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Identified venues for meetings

  • Abbey Centre  |   Cardinal Hume Centre  |   Churchill Gardens  |  Isaac Newton Centre  |   Memo Offices  |  Tate Modern

NB/  If you have any information you would like to share with the rest of the network and/or if you have any venues you think would be available for future SWAN meetings please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel: 020 7222 0303



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