Westminster resident creates huge lockdown sculpture from upcycled wood

Desiderata sculpture

Social distancing and ‘stay at home’ measures have taken their toll on the nation and many people are experiencing feelings of loneliness from self-isolation.

Mercedes Uribe-Gutierrez is no different. But she has a coping strategy:

70-year-old Westminster resident and sculpture artist Mercedes Uribe-Gutierrez has created a lockdown art project “big enough to demand attention away from negative thoughts of being socially isolated”.

Mercedes found strength in knowing that although we are all socially distancing alone, we are ‘all in this together’ and wanted to express these feelings through her art installation.

Passionate about creative expression using ‘found objects’, Mercedes has used the back wooden panels of her wardrobe to create little figurine sculptures shaped in the letters of the alphabet.

In total she has created 1426 little relief figurine letters that are around 10cm in height and treated 8 times to form the body language alphabet. It has taken 8 weeks to put together as a striking art installation on her bedroom wall, forming the words to the famous poem ‘Desiderata’. The full installation is 3 metres wide and 2.5 metres tall.