Black History Month event

27 October 2022

The Abbey Centre hosted our first Black History Month event, in collaboration with Westminster City Council’s new Community Department. This event brought residents and partners together to network and celebrate the success of black people in the UK and abroad.

We had two speakers at the event; first, Samira Ben Omar shared her journey and gave a speech addressing inequalities and discrimination. Then one of our Maternity Champions, Dr Shree Datta, spoke on health issues affecting black and ethnic minorities. We also had spoken word poetry which engaged young people and adults.

On the day there was a variety of delicious, traditional food including jerk chicken, curry goat, samosas, and white rice & chickpea and pumpkin curry.

Other activities included an information stall where a qualified nutritionist signposted people to culture-relevant services shared healthy recipes, as well as advice and answering health questions, and we had a stall for an up-and-coming black business sharing their journey. We also had the Public Health team offering blood pressure checks and advice. The children enjoyed this as they were seen queuing up to get checked. We also shared current Public Health campaigns, such as cancer screening, and flu and vaccine campaigns.

We gave out fun goody bags at the end of the event containing hair combs, head scarves, scented candles, Black History Month notebooks, bubbles and glowsticks.

Our guests had a great time at the event, as one happy attendee told us, “Overall, very beautiful event. Food was gorgeous. I simply love this event.” Another guest said the best part of the event was “knowing that there are other people who are experiencing what I experience”.

We are delighted to be able to support all parts of our Westminster community, and we look forward to planning more Black History Month events in the future.