Community Health and Wellbeing Workers

Following the successful Community Health & Wellbeing Worker (CHWW) pilot, The Abbey Centre is delighted to announce its role as the voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisation responsible for delivering the CHWW project in South Westminster.

In collaboration with local GP practices, Imperial College, and funded by Healthcare Central London, this initiative seeks to reach 1200 homes in the most deprived communities. A dedicated team of 14 CHWWs, supported by two Coordinators and one Project Manager, will directly collaborate with GPs to improve health outcomes. The CHWW project operates as a preventive model, eliminating barriers such as language, literacy, digital exclusion, economic factors, and loneliness, ensuring access to essential support. This innovative approach, ingrained within a VCS organisation like The Abbey Centre, tackles health inequalities, acknowledging the impact of non-medical interventions in fostering healthier communities and creating a sustainable model for addressing enduring physical and mental health issues.

What are Community Health and Wellbeing Workers?

They are here to listen to you and understand your health and wellbeing needs.

They can provide information, ideas and support to help you make informed choices. Their support is tailored around your needs and preferences.

They work with GPs, the local authority, the family hub and other organisations in the community so they can connect people to help if they need it.

How does it work?

CHWWs have been assigned to a number of households in priority areas of south Westminster.

If you have a Community Health and Wellbeing Worker (CHWW), they will contact you with your GP to offer their help and provide their contact details. If you are unsure, you can call your GP directly and ask them to confirm.

Your CHWW is available to visit you on a regular basis and is accessible to you via email, call and WhatsApp.

If the support provided by the Community Health and Wellbeing team isn’t something you’re interested in or currently need, that’s absolutely okay. You won’t lose access to the program, and you’re welcome to reach out to them whenever it suits you.

To learn more, meet the team, or connect with the project, email Sophie, Community Health & Wellbeing Project Manager: