Community Pantry

The Abbey Centre Community Pantry is now open, providing access to affordable food for local people.

For a small weekly subscription of £4.50, members of The Abbey Centre Pantry can select a number of food items each week, including fresh fruit and vegetables and store cupboard favourites, that will often value £15-20 or more! Membership is open to the community and local families are strongly encouraged to join.

The Community Pantry offers a sustainable and long-term way to help people make ends meet. Members pay a small weekly fee, for which they can choose at least ten items of food each week, along with additional opportunities of volunteering and training.

To sign up for the Abbey Centre Pantry, please register as a member of the Abbey Centre, then contact us using the details below.

For more information, please contact or 020 7222 0303.

We’re also looking for volunteers to support the Community Pantry. Find out more about volunteering at the Abbey Centre, including how to sign up.