Shen Chi Do martial arts

Shen Chi Do is a martial arts discipline created by Professor Grand Master Shener Dervish in 1979.

Shen Chi Do is the result of extensive training and research into a number of martial disciplines by Prof. Grand Master Shen.

  • Improve your control over your mind and body
  • Boost your fitness and confidence
  • Master the art of self-defence

Beginners welcome – your first class is FREE!

What is Shen Chi Do?

After a decade and a half of training in various martial arts, plus a number of other disciplines, Prof. Grand Master Shen decided that the best way forward for him was to put all his cumulative knowledge of the martial arts together to build Shen Chi Do.

Shen Chi Do is structured and taught in a manner that will greatly enhance the physical, mental and spiritual aspirations of students who are sincere and thorough in its study.

Classes taught by Master Shensoy Dervish, 6th dan black belt SCD Martial arts Shen Chi do

​Shensoy is the son of Founder Prof. Grand Master Shen, He started training at the age of 6 under the tuition of his father in Shen Chi Do martial arts. He still trains in the art of Shen Chi Do with his father and is currently a 6th dan senior Master working towards his 7th dan. Shensoy has trained well over 50 students to black belt level.

Session details

Time: Tuesdays 6 – 7pm

Venue: The Abbey Centre

Class fees: £10 adults / £7 children. First class free. Family bundles available.

Classes are open to anyone aged 6 or over. Please wear loose clothing, until you’re ready to purchase a uniform.

For more information or to book your place, please contact Master Shensoy;


Phone: 07830 210 492